'Tropic Thunder'

The brutal phenomenon that was the magnificent ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ in the last film year served for many things, but one of the most important was to vindicate, probably more strongly than ever, the incalculable value of a star like Tom Cruise in the golden firmament of Hollywood. And it is that, if we pull from memory, we will find the certainty that we are facing a guy who has been obsessed all his life with making us enjoy ourselves on the big screen. The best? That most times he has achieved it in a more than remarkable way.

However, there have also been dark times in the career of a (fantastic) actor who, beyond the memes, controversies, loud headlines and surreal extravagances, has not stopped believing in the power of the seventh art as a related way of life. directly with the general enjoyment. Capable of overcoming moments that would have sunk the trajectory of any other colleague or colleague, Cruise continues to give his life and, well, life, so that fiction continues to resonate with the power of indescribable magic.

A perseverance and commitment that, of course, have continued fully in force in this 21st century in which we find ourselves. Here we find ten major examples of a talent that continues to make us enjoy with its charisma, presence and magnetism. Tom Cruise, a luxury for the cinema of yesterday, today and always.


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