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Six people were murdered this Tuesday afternoon in the municipality of Tihuatlánin northern Veracruz, local authorities reported.

The crimes occurred in two different events in the same town and are related to a possible settling of scores between rival organized crime groups.

In a first fact, four people (three men and one woman) were shot to death in the town of Acontitla.

A short time later, they were the bodies of two men abandoned in the municipal seat from Tihuatlan.

In both places, there was an intense police mobilization, both state and federal forces and military personnel, without being able to locate and stop the murderers.

The State Attorney General’s Office confirmed the crime of the six people and announced that investigate the facts, which, he said, point to a possible settling of scores between rival organized crime groups in the area.

In a statement, it explained that prosecutors, experts and attached ministerial police carry out the legal proceedings to establish the causes, find out if there is a relationship between the two events and find the whereabouts of those responsible.

Veracruz has been mired in violence for two decades related to the operation of drug gangs and criminal organizations dedicated to kidnapping and the so-called floor charge.

In that time, there have been periods of a drop in crime; however, since January of this year, High-impact events have been recorded in Veracruz territory.

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Thus, Veracruz occupied the eighth position at the national level with the highest number of atrocities recorded during the first two months of the year, as reported by the civil organization Causa en Común.

In his journalistic account of the months of January and February, he recorded in Veracruz at least 42 atrocitiesthat is, acts of extreme violence.

The number of intentional homicides in Mexico srose 6.43% annually last January up to 2,582 murders, an average of more than 83 per day, as reported on Tuesday by the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC).

(With information from EFE)

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