'Beau is afraid'

On April 28, ‘Beau is afraid’, the new film by Ari Aster, director of cult titles such as ‘Hereditary’ or ‘Midsommar’, will hit Spanish cinemas. In his third feature film, he has had Joaquin Phoenix as the protagonist. The film debuted on April 14 in very few theaters in the United States, but it has done so with very good box office data.. In fact, with the best opening of an A24 film since ‘Diamonds in the rough’ and the second best average per cinema in post-pandemic times after ‘Licorice Pizza’.

Critics have received Ari Aster’s latest craze with a remarkable average and 75% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, while the public is a little more divided, but they give it an average 7, like the critics. Like all of the New Yorker’s films, this curious journey through the protagonist’s fears is bound to give rise to interesting conversations when leaving the cinema. But we didn’t expect one of them to be the same nature as one of his actors..

Since the first movie poster was released there were those who thought that the young version of Beau, the character of Phoenix, was nothing more than the actor himself digitally rejuvenated. Many who thought they were looking at another CGI job were stunned when photos from the premiere were released, showing Joaquin Phoenix accompanied by Ari Aster and the rest of the cast. Including a hitherto unknown Armen Nahapetian. The young version of Beau.

@armiepcharmie Beau is afraid kid is real, here’s my room #beauisafraid #a24 #actor ? Crushin’ – 4me & Destroy Lonely

“I’m not CGI”

The actor himself, who until now had appeared in small episodic roles in series such as ‘The Orville’ or ‘Navy: Criminal Investigation’, He has joked about this whole thing on his TikTok, posting a video looking at the camera and assuring: “I’m not CGI”. Soon after she showed her “computer-made… I mean real” cats. The truth is that the 16-year-old actor has an air of Joaquin Phoenix that is even hypnotic.

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‘Beau’s Afraid’ premieres in theaters April 28 from Diamond Films, with Patti LuPone, Amy Ryan, Nathan Lane, Denis Ménochet and Parker Posey, among others, joining Phoenix and Nahapetian in the lead cast.


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