The dramatic prediction of Jorge Rey, the young man from Filomena, with ants: "Shocking"

During the winter of 2021, the young George King achieved fame by predicting the arrival of the storm ‘Philomena‘ to Spain. To do this, he used the cabañuelas, an ancient method of weather forecasting based on the observation of nature. Since then, he has accumulated thousands of followers on his social networks.

Jorge Rey, a young man from Burgos who is passionate about meteorology, broadcasts his weekly forecasts from the Traditional Meteorological Organization and also has his own YouTube channel. On his last post, he collaborated with Pablo Ochera, who announced the end of the drought through a peculiar method.

Jorge Rey’s collaborator has noticed that “in my area, the ants are frantically extracting soil from their anthills.” Based on this, he estimates that “in about three or four weeks, at the most, there will be a cold drop or DANA“. This is the prediction of the ants regarding the rain.

Ant prediction: end of the drought in Spain

Animals are sensitive to weather changes and can anticipate storms and heavy rain. Ants in particular they can detect even the most subtle atmospheric changes with their antennae. They are the first to perceive the decrease in temperatures that precede floods.

The prediction of ants is a traditional method without scientific foundation based on observation. When ants move their nests to a higher height or with different materials, it is a sign that it will rain. This is the indicator used by Pablo Ochera to estimate the date of rainfall.

Jorge Rey has added that, according to the meteorological models, there will be a significant change in the weather in about ten days. “The anticyclone will move to the north, taking with it Atlantic storms towards the Iberian Peninsula,” he pointed out. This will “end the drought with large volumes of rain.”

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Storms on the way, according to Jorge Rey

By observing models and the atmospheric situation, Jorge Rey and Pablo Ochera anticipate a drastic change over time: “There will be an entry of cold air accompanied by humid wind and precipitation on the Mediterranean slope”. This is precisely the area most affected by the drought.

Jorge Rey affirms that the high temperatures that will continue in the coming days accumulate energy for the coming storms. “This entry of cold air will undoubtedly bring copious rains,” confirmed the expert in Cabañuelas. “Something very necessary, given the current situation in Spain,” he added.

The high temperatures and lack of rain are wreaking havoc in the territory, as Pablo Ochera has explained: “The dry grass is creating ideal conditions for fires and their rapid spread.” For this reason, he has urged caution and avoid lighting fires near forest areas.

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