They exonerate the policemen who shot more than 90 times against an African-American

A jury in the United States has refused to charge the Ohio Police officers who in July 2022 fired almost a hundred times against Jayland Walker, an unarmed African American youth during a chasealleging that the police officers acted in self-defense.

Ohio State Attorney General Dave Yost confirmed that the jury concluded that the agents made a correct use of forceduring the pursuit of Jayland Walker, 25, after stopping his vehicle when he observed that it had a broken light.

“He reached over to grab something from his belt in what the officers described as a gesture of pulling out a weapon, he planted his foot and turned to the officers raising his hand, that’s when they fired, believing Walker was shooting at them.” the prosecutor has described.

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According to the statements of the agents, Walker refused to stop during the pursuit and went so far as to fire at the agents before being killed. Walker was unarmed, but officers found a weapon in his vehicle.

In statements collected by CNN, the prosecutor added that “the law allows agents to use deadly force to defend themselves or others against a threat they consider deadly.”

The investigation, which also used the cameras that the Police have incorporated into their uniform, verified that the eight agents present during the incident they shot Walker 94 times after the recording heard “a sound corresponding to the firing of a weapon” from the car.

The death of Walker and the publication of the video from the cameras of the agents provoked the indignation of the citizens of Akron, in Ohio, who demonstrated after learning the details of the case.

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Walker’s family called for “peace and understanding” after the events, while politicians in the region conveyed their condolences to the family and demanded a transparent investigation “as soon as possible.” (Europe Press).

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