Pentagon defends collaboration with Mexico and respect for its sovereignty

The United States Department of Defense defended collaboration with Mexico and respect for its sovereignty on Wednesday, after the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, promised to protect the data of the Armed Forces of his country before the American “espionage”.

A spokesperson for Pentagon He told EFE that the US Department of Defense and the Mexican National Defense and Navy Secretariats “enjoy a collaborative partnership” focused on “traditional defense issues” and addressing challenges in this area.

He stressed that this cooperation occurs “while both respect the sovereignty of the other and their respective foreign policy agendas”.

In this way, the US Defense portfolio reacted to the statements made on Tuesday by López Obrador, who announced that he would “protect” the information from the Armed forces of the country by arguing that they are “objects of espionage” by the United States Pentagon.

“We are going to take care of the information from the Secretary of the Navy (semar) and the Secretary of Defense (sedena), because we are being spied on by the Pentagon, and many media outlets in Mexico are leaking information provided by the DEA (United States Drug Enforcement Agency),” said the president.

In that sense, the Government of Mexico He has anticipated that he will request a report from the United States to clarify the alleged espionage against the Mexican Armed Forces.

Two days ago, Lopez Obrador described as “abusive, arrogant interference” the operation carried out by the DEA to infiltrate the Sinaloa cartel without authorization from the Mexican authorities.

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The president of Mexico also accused the United States of “interference” following the leaks of documents from the Pentagon in a chat on the Discord application that shows the friction between Sedena and Semar due to the increasing tasks that López Obrador assigns to the Armed Forces.

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