the stillness in the storm

    We exclusively present the trailer of ‘The stillness in the storm’, the first film starring Loreto Mauleón (‘Patria’) and the premiere in the feature film by director Alberto Gastesi.

    The film introduces us to Lara, a young woman who returns from Paris with her partner, ready to settle in Donostia. On the other hand we meet Daniel, who has never left the city, lives with his girlfriend and works for his mother’s real estate agency. Lara and Daniel’s paths meet during a visit to a flat for sale, but this may not be the first time their lives have crossed. “Between the past and the present, the story explores the love relationship of two people whose lives, in other circumstances, in other times, could have taken other paths,” says the official synopsis.

    “When I trace the origins of this film I always end up in a foundational image-scene, a genesis idea: the reunion of two people, years after having a passionate relationship, in a flat for sale in the center of the city“, explains Gastesi, director and co-writer with Alex Merino. “He is going to teach it, as a real estate worker. She, with her current partner, comes to the visit as interested in buying her. The dramatic tension between characters who hide information in a place of corridors and rooms, a space of geometries and abysses, was the impulse from which to start: a bounded and isolated world where the past and the possibilities of a future meet”.

    Vidania Films

    “From there, the writing and filming process (always intermingled) has been an exploration of those rooms in the apartment for sale that has led us to a story of couples,” he emphasizes. “A story about roller coasters and fish, a portrait of a city, Donostia, a generation of thirty-somethings that inhabits it and the two languages ​​that are heard in its streets. This film is, ultimately, a desire for exploration and the search for its own tone, the rhizome that has been born from the energy of a group of technicians, filmmakers and performers with infinite talent and love”.

    ‘The stillness in the storm’ is starring Loreto Mauleón after the successes of ‘Patria’ on HBO, ‘Los renglones torcidos de Dios’ (Oriol Paulo, 2022) and one of the greatest hits from the Netflix series catalogue, ‘The Snow Girl’. Along with her we will also see Iñigo Gastesi (‘Lasa y Zabala’), Aitor Beltrán (‘El internado: Las Cumbres’) and Vera Milán (‘Somos’).

    ‘The stillness in the storm’ is a VIDANIA Films production and has the support of the Basque Government. Its world premiere took place at the San Sebastian Festival, within the Basque Film Gala, and its release date in theaters will be May 12, 2023.

    the stillness in the storm

    Vidania Films

    Son of Spielberg, acolyte of Lynch and lookalikes of Shinji Ikari.

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