With Artificial Intelligence they recreate what Selena would look like

selena quintanillaconsidered the Queen of Tex-Mex and who lost their lives 23 years oldwould have turned 52 on April 16 and a video created with Artificial intelligence of what the interpreter would look like.

The 22-second clip shows glimpses of what could have been a music video for the queen of tex mex if he had had the opportunity to live in our time. With “cuff it” of Beyonce background, selena quintanilla she appears to wear different outfits while dancing to the music.

Photo: Screenshot

A black dress in a fancy house, fitted in a blue dress, an extravagant white outfit on stage and even a shiny black leotard that resembles one of pop star Dua Lipa’s well-known outfits, are some of the portraits that she AI imagined of what could be selena quintanilla in a music video.

selena quintanilla was murdered in a motel on March 31, 1995 at the hands of Yolanda Saldivarwho worked with her and was President of her official fan club. With a Shooting in the shoulder, Selena managed to escape from the room where she was with Saldívar to ask for help and, before losing consciousness due to loss of blood, she managed to tell the authorities “Yolanda, room 158.”

Finally, selena quintanilla was pronounced dead of blood loss and cardiac arrest, ending a 16-year career in the music industry backed by two Grammy awards14 Billboard Latin Music Awards and 36 Tejano Music Awards.


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