What a vacation!

The grandparents rebel in ‘What a vacation!’ The comedy directed by Víctor García León opens this April 21 exclusively in theaters. A family proposal, which seeks to be “a tribute” to all those grandparents who have become authentic second parents for their grandchildren. “Many parents could not be if they were not behind“, shares Toni Acosta, who plays Begoña, a woman and mother of a family who is It is impossible to reconcile work and personal life and her main support is her in-laws.

The official synopsis of ‘What a vacation!’ pray: “Manuela (Gracia Olayo) and José (Tito Valverde) love their children very much and, above all, they idolize their grandchildren. But their parents (Ernesto Sevilla and Toni Acosta) have taken to leaving their offspring in the care of their grandparents, day in and day out. Manuela and José no longer remember the last time they had some time to themselves. And to top it off, this summer they had to cancel the trip of their dreams, because your son and daughter-in-law have come up with an important business trip to Berlin. However, when the couple discovers that their son and daughter-in-law have gone on vacation to Bali, a war will begin between the grandparents and the grandchildren.”.

Although in a comedy tone, The film explores an uncomfortable reality, the excessive dependence of parents on grandparents when it comes to reconciling work and family life. “It is a tribute to grandparents for me. But I also think that it is a topic that begins as help and ends up being taken for granted. We have gotten used to it. The question arises: are we abusing or do we have no other choice? The reflection is interesting , because it raises the question if you can organize yourself in another way or if you don’t have another way, often it is usually this last explanation”, Acosta responds in an interview with eCartelera.

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“The project was great. It was already necessary to talk about grandparents and grandmothers, who are essential right now to support families. I loved. In addition, a proposal from Víctor García León, impossible to say no”shares Gracia Olayo. “The first thing I look at is the script and the role. If I like them both, we start off on the right foot. Yes, it also has significance and we can put a grain of sand, all the better. It is a clear tribute to the grandparents, who are a true support for the family and it was already now that they were vindicatedadds Tito Valverde.

“It depends so much on grandparents it is a problem for society”

Both the actors and the director celebrate that ‘What a vacation!’ be a comedy proposal that has a social background that invites the public to reflect. “It would be necessary to see where the parents are to generate a deeper debate, that is true. If they are in Bali, we would be talking about disordered cultural behaviors, but normally the parents are working. In other words, what they What we would talk about is a very aggressive labor market in which it would be practically impossible for a working-middle-class couple to have children if there was no external help. and that is where the figure of grandparents comes in”argues Víctor García León.

Being so dependent on grandparents is a problem for society, because it is a collective effort for something that should be quite reasonable., that society survives; that when we get old, there will be someone paying Social Security. It should be a reasonable endeavor and we’re turning it into a kind of daily heroism. Something we are not putting together well in all this”continues the filmmaker, who defends that these messages are present in commercial products.

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I believe that in mass cultural products there is more possibility of transferring ideas than surely in dense collections of intellectuals. Because? Because surely there is more popular transmission of knowledge in a joke by Chiquito de la Calzada than in the Cantar del Mio Cid. That’s how we are, where you see more in social changes is what jokes were made 20 years ago and what jokes are made now than reading different essays. Somehow, I like playing in this league, being able to give a message and change mentalities from the popular”Add.

Directed by Víctor García León and written by Manuel Burque and Josep Gatell. ‘¡Vaya vacaciones’ stars Tito Valverde, Gracia Olayo, Toni Acosta, Ernesto Sevilla, Ramón Barea, Daniela Rubio, Ricardo Mas, Nuria Herrero, Marta de Toro, Nicolás Costi and Marina Campos. Produced by Álvaro Augustin, Ghislain Barrois, Miguel González Familiar and Eduardo Jiménez Abad. A production by Telecinco Cinema, Quexito Films, Aliwood Mediterráneo Producciones SL, Mediaset España, Movistar Plus+. Available in movie theaters from this April 21, from the hand of Universal Pictures.


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