Videos |  Actress of 'Rebelde' reveals that she was childish on the part of a relative

The actress of the series ‘Rebelde’, Azul Guaita, revealed in the podcast ‘I am all that I am’ by Manu Barrios who was the victim of child abuse by a family member.

Guaita assured that the abuse started when he was about three years old and continued until he was almost 13 years oldso she was encouraged to share her story to help other people like close friends who went through a similar situation.

“By sharing it, many friends felt identified and told me ‘Dude Thanks for telling me because I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone. and thanks to you I feel identified and I know that I am not alone and that this can make me stronger’ and it’s a matter of talking about it, ”said the young actress.

He pointed out that one of the reasons for keeping this abuse was the possible negative comments you would receive and even said, he felt guilty.

“It’s a matter of talking about it because I felt guilty for never saying it, for never doing anything about it, I felt it was my fault because I left, but I was little, I didn’t know what was happening, they told me ‘let’s play hide and seek’ and we weren’t playing“, commented the artist.

The 21-year-old actress also pointed out that I wasn’t sure if I would bring the matter up with the proper authorities due to the time that the abuse had elapsed and added that at least two other of her cousins ​​also went through the same situation.

Reboot from “Rebel”

Azul Guaita is known for star in the reboot from the series “Rebelde” on Netflix and give life to ‘Jan Cohen’, a student at the ‘Elite Way School’ who aspires to be a singer.

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Before he was officially part of the cast of the reboot, the actress had the opportunity to meet Anahí while playing ‘Mia Colucci’ in 2004.

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