US uncovers problems with Mexico over energy;  PRD would launch presidential candidates and more |  Political Columns 07/20/2022

“Transcended” in Millennium

That the permanent representative of Mexico to the United Nations, Juan Ramón de la Fuente, raised the difficulty facing the issue of arms control towards pacification in the Security Council, because the permanent members, with the right to veto, They are the main producers. “The usual response they give is that it is the private sector, and that is indeed the case, but the State tolerates and allows this to happen,” he explained during his participation in a university colloquium on the matter.

“Templo Mayor” in Reforma

OH WOW! A serious case of gatopardismo is registered in the Chamber of Deputies, so that everything changes, but stays the same. And it is that in today’s session they intend to renew the controllers of five dependencies… with those who were already there!

IT IS about the holders of the Internal Control Bodiesthe famous ICOof five fundamental autonomous entities: Arturo Serrano Meneses in the FGR; Olivia Rojo Martinezof CNDH; Gricelda Sanchez Carranzaof the IFT; Cesar Ivan Rodriguez Sanchez of the INAIand Manuel Rodriguez Murilloin it INEGI.

“Under Reserve” at El Universal

In an intense meeting of the Senate’s Political Coordination Board, behind closed doors, the parliamentary coordinators complained bitterly about the attitude of the Chamber of Deputies, which, a few days after closing the session, sends them a bunch of minutes so they can are approved with the pressure of time on top. They tell us that, in the work meeting, headed by the president of Jucopo, Ricardo Monreal, the complaints and reproaches of the leaders of the opposition benches were heard, who warned that they will not approve the Conacyt Law, which they described as of “a birria”. In addition, they indicated that if the appointments to complete the Plenary of the National Institute of Transparency (Inai) are not made, they will not give their endorsement for the appointment of electoral tribunal magistrates. They tell us that the leaders of the opposition benches told Monreal that they were not willing to allow the Chamber of Deputies to try to treat the Senators as if they were its official party. They make us see that, although the claim is from the opposition, there are senators from Morena who think the same, since they also have to support initiatives without even having the time to study them, and unlike the opponents, they cannot vote against.

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“Political Fronts” in Excelsior

bad accounts. Deputy Ricardo Villarreal, former mayor of San Miguel de Allende, was excited in vain. He had already shown interest in governing Guanajuato before. He pointed out that “if he could be president, I would like to be, if not, at least governor.” On March 31, he applied for a license in San Lázaro, but a week later he was back. He thought they would appoint him to some post in the state cabinet, but they chose Libya Dennise Garcia as head of Social Development and, Jesus Oviedoreplaced her in the Secretary of Government. villarreal He thought he would celebrate his birthday with a new position. What went wrong? Lack of results or excess of enthusiasm?

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