Piña calls on judges to "act prudently, but not cowardly";  US joins voices to militarize the border and more |  National headlines 03/06/2023

These are the outstanding news for this Wednesday, April 26, 2023 in the main national newspapers:

They invented Insabi; now they bury him

The institution lasted less than 3 years to replace Seguro Popular. Members of the IMSS-Bienestar entrust care to patients without social security

They extinguish the Insabi; its functions go to the IMSS Well-being

Surprising initiative of Morena

Ken Salazar, AMLO’s frequent visitor

The US ambassador in Mexico has met 49 times in 19 months with the President; one meeting every two weeks on average

They cancel anti-inflation summit and summon governors to the Palace

Presidency. Jorge Alcocer reports that AMLO continues treatment with paracetamol against the covid and Adán Augusto criticizes the generators of speculation: “they have a rotten soul”

Reform to revoke IP contracts frozen

Deputies did not include it among their priorities. The initiative that gave the government powers to cancel permits to companies, in advance and without payment of compensation, will not be discussed in this period.

Banco de México will evaluate in May to stop the rise in rates

Rodriguez Ceja. Positive signs in inflation and monetary stance reached in the bullish cycle, two factors in favor

Only 4 million formal employees have a legitimate collective contract

Four days before the deadline to validate contracts: STPS


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