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    We told you a week ago about why you should be watching ‘Barry’, and if you have listened to us or if you were already following the excellent series created by and starring Bill Hader, This week you will have had a capital surprise with the third episode of the fourth season of the HBO Max series.

    — Spoilers for ‘Barry’ 4×03 —


    Episode 4×03, titled “You’re Lovely”, begins with NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) and Cristóbal (Michael Irby) finally starting their stupidly great plan to become a criminal distributor of… Arena. Yes, desert, beach, field sand. Sand. To build. However, as exciting as their new business venture is, they have a very serious problem to deal with: Barry.

    In the previous episode, Fuches (Stephen Root) tells Hank that Barry is talking to the FBI and sharing sensitive and incriminating information that could jeopardize his burgeoning illegal empire. Although Hank has always considered Barry a close friend and was even thinking about how to get Barry out of prison, the news that he has become a snitch for the feds leads him to the immediate conclusion that Barry must die, so Christopher brings in outside help in the form of a legendary crime lord… El Toro..

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    ‘Barry’ (HBO): Is El Toro… Guillermo del Toro?

    As NoHo Hank and Christopher receive their first big shipment of sand, they are greeted by the man who promises to help them get rid of Barry Berkman: none other than El Toro, who “coincidentally” is played by three-time Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro. It’s not explicitly clear who El Toro actually is, but it’s clear that he’s a major player in the Los Angeles criminal underworld. El Toro claims that Barry Berkman will be dead and buried that very day, stating that he has his two best men on the job, the podcasters ‘Gadget brothers’.

    The whole scene is a perfect combination of absurd and awkward comedy, with Guillermo del Toro as a deadpan, menacing villain before the childish comments of NoHo and Cristóbal.

    The Chosen Assassins,’the gadget brothers‘, are known for a tech podcast in which they test and advertise products of dubious quality. One of them, Néstor Flores, turns out to be nothing more and nothing less than Fred Armisen (‘Wednesday’), the other great cameo of the episode. Bill Hader and Fred Armisen worked together as cast members of the legendary comedy show Saturday Night Live and would continue to pursue their love of sketches by next starring in the satirical mockumentary series ‘Documentary Now!’. Nestor proves not to be the most competent assassin, as he tries to use one of his gadgets to kill Barry and ends up blowing off his fingers..

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    But attention! The thing does not end there. Right at the end of the episode we see appear in another nice cameo to Richard Riehlelegendary secondary of the North American cinema and series, as the director of the prison, wondering where Barry is. Has he escaped?

    The fourth and final season of ‘Barry’ airs weekly on Mondays on HBO Max.

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