the impatience of the heart

    I predict the abyssal dimensions of Stefan Zweig’s novel, from which Bille August’s new film starts: it is an emotionally dense tapestry, spun with the confident gesture of someone who knows they have a powerful story in their hands. Above all, It is admirable the discreet courage with which August has adapted this fall to the personal hells of a soldier made weak by cowardice..

    ‘The impatience of the heart’ comes disguised behind the blushes of cup cinema, leaving in our hands the arduous task of accompanying characters who ask for time and care… Anton (Esben Smed) capsizes between the shifting sands of moral correctness; Edith (Clara Rosager, tender paralyzed girl) instead wears a lucid look but always on the verge of repulsion. Like her concerned father, we impatiently await the romantic fireworks show that tradition promises. The healthy alternative, of course, is an uncomfortable conversation, one that no one wants to have. Luckily, the Great War arrives to cap the painful epic of sincerity.

    To recover those confessions so long pending

    The best: read Zweig’s novel only after seeing it.

    The worst: a somewhat hackneyed ending.


    Address: Bill August Distribution: Esben Smed Jensen, Clara Rosager, Lars Mikkelsen, Rosalinde Mynster Country: Denmark Year: 2022 Release date: 28–4-2023 Gender: Romance Script: Bille August, Greg Latter Duration: 116 min.

    Synopsis: The story follows Anton, whose top priority is completing his training as a cavalry officer. During training, he orders his squad to help Baron and meets Baron’s daughter, Edith, who has been in an accident.

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