Jerry Springer, controversial TV host, dies

Jerry Springer, for decades one of the best-known faces on American television and also one of the most controversial, died this Thursday at the age of 79.

Springer died at his home in Chicago after being diagnosed a few months ago with cancer, according to various media outlets in the United States.

For decades, his program “The Jerry Springer Show” was one of the most watched shows on American television, with millions of viewers, and at times surpassed competitors like Oprah Winfrey.

The space, which was born focused on political news, became in a few years one of the pioneers of the successful format of daytime television accustomed to looking for the controversy with controversial issues and hard clashes between guests.

On the show, where it was common to see family members at odds or couples having infidelities, it was not uncommon for participants to come to blows and have to be separated by security while the public chanted Springer’s name.

“The Jerry Springer Show” aired from 1991 to 2018 and turned its host into a huge celebrity in the country, while his critics accused him of being one of those responsible for the growth of the ‘trash TV‘.

Before jumping into television, Springer had made a career in politics, becoming mayor of the city of Cincinnati for a year and several unsuccessful attempts to reach the top. United States Congress or to opt for the Democratic candidacy for governor of the state of Ohio.

After “The Jerry Springer Show” ended, he had a new TV show for another three years and last October he still appeared as a guest star on “The Masked Singer” space.

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