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Veteran CNN anchor Dana Bash scolded at the Los Angeles Times for referring to her as John King’s “ex wife,” in a story about her replacing him on “Inside Politics,” while he takes on a new role at the cable news network. In response, the LA Times changed the headline, and Bash thanked the paper.

“Hey @latimes – yes John and I used to be married,” Bash said. “We are now friends and share a wonderful son together. In this context I am not an “ex wife,” I am a veteran journalist with decades of experience who worked hard for this role. Do better please.”

Once corrected, Bash replied to her original tweet and said, “Thank you @latimes.”

On Thursday, CNN announced Bash will take over “Inside Politics.” Currently, she doubles as a chief political correspondent and a co-host of the Sunday program “State of the Union.”

“I am thrilled to be taking over as anchor of Inside Politics,” Bash said in a statement. “After nearly 30 years at CNN covering campaigns, Capitol Hill and the White House, I am excited to helm a program devoted to the politics that impact Americans’ lives. John built an extraordinary show that has attracted a loyal audience of political junkies, and I am looking forward to leading its next chapter.”

Bash and King share a son together and were married from 2008 to 2012.

King, who’s 59, has anchored “Inside Politics” for nine years, dating back to 2014. He’s transitioning to a new role more focused on voters in key battleground states ahead of the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

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“This is my ‘back to the future’ dream assignment,” king said. “It is my tenth presidential cycle and, given the stakes, I felt it was time to get back to my roots reporting across the country.”

CNN said in addition to leading this new project, King “will remain a staple throughout CNN’s live election and special coverage.”


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