‘Smile’, one of the most popular horror films of the past year, will have a sequel to its story. This has been admitted during the presentation of upcoming Paramount content at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, which has taken place in the United States in recent days.

    In the original movie, Laura (Caitlin Stasey) begins to see an entity that manifests as a smiling creature that follows her everywhere, after witnessing the suicide of his own art history professor. This initial death serves as the first stone to lay the foundations of what the demon will do to the main characters of the film.


    Finally, Laura is possessed by the entity and dies by committing suicide. Rose, shocked by the deaths in her neighborhood, begins to investigate the situation. Soon, when he develops the same visions as Laura, he realizes that he is the victim of the same curse.

    As if it were ‘It Follows’ (another of the mythical horror movies with evil entities chasing its protagonists), Rose must find a solution for the curse to come to an end, without losing her life along the way. She thus discovers that it only affects those who have seen someone die in front of her eyes. Thanks to it, she can develop her plan.



    The film, despite having had a “low” cost of production (17 million dollars), grossed a total of $220 million at the worldwide box office. One of the main factors that helped achieve this was the huge marketing campaign that flooded social media.

    In it, “normal” people could be seen, with an eerie smile and the word “smile”, in public places, with real passers-by surrounding them. Without knowing exactly what this mysterious announcement was about, the name of the film and the main theme (the sinister smiles) were becoming known.

    The film was already known before it was released and, thus, people were eager to discover what was hidden behind that campaign.



    No information is yet available on the sequel. Only the green light of the project has been announced. As new information about it is discovered, we will publish it so as not to miss any of the novelties of the chilling film.

    If you are a fan of horror movies, do not miss the best horror movies in the history of cinema. So at least you’ll be able to kill time until ‘Smile 2’ hits movie theaters around the world.

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