Graue denies millionaire trips;  'It's grotesque, they want to demerit the rectory'

The rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Enrique Graue, rejected the journalistic versions that affirm that he has carried out more than 400 trips abroad and has spent almost 80 million pesos since he assumed his position at the head of the highest house of studies.

During the delivery of the 2022 public account of the University in the Chamber of Deputies, Graue Wiechers said that this type of accusation seeks to demerit the rectory.

“It is impossible to make 400 international trips to five countries in eight years. I find it truly incredible, it is impossible, humanly, to achieve it and do it. That they have a very clear interest in the circumstances we are experiencing, which is to detract from the figure of the rectory.

Graue said that does not rule out criminal charges against the reporter who made these remarks, which he described as grotesque.

“I find it really grotesque and implausible, he flatly reiterated my rejection of this and I reserve my right to sue the corresponding reporter for the way it was introduced, and in those dimensions I have never seen that money together.”

Esquivel Mossa case

Regarding the case of the alleged plagiarism of the thesis of Minister Yasmín Esquivel Mossa, the rector of UNAM responded emphatically that he would not make any statement.

“As you know, we are with precautionary measures, I always respect judicial decisions and we are using legal mechanisms to be able to do so and I have no assessment in this regard.”

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Córdova and Murayama at UNAM

Likewise, the deputies questioned Graue about the return of the former advisers of the National Electoral Institute (INE) Lorenzo Córdova and Ciro Murayama to the academic staff of the UNAM, after exceeding the time stipulated in the University Legislation.

“Both Dr. Córdova and Dr. Murayama were authorized to have their commissions and extend these commissions to a longer period due to the type of designation they had. Both the Technical Council of the Faculty of Economics did it, in the case of Dr. Murayama, and the Internal Council of the Institute for Legal Research, in the case of Dr. Córdova”.

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