Britons will swear allegiance to King Charles and his heirs during his coronation

The details of next Saturday’s ceremony for the coronation of King Charles III of England published this Sunday by the Archbishopric of Canterbury include a new tradition by which all subjects are asked to take an oath of loyalty to the monarch and to his heirs, which has provoked the rejection of the republican sectors.

“I swear that I will render authentic loyalty to his majesty and to their heirs and successors in accordance with the law. May God help me”, reads the text published so that all citizens can recite it in parks, houses, bars or wherever each person is at that moment. The goal is to swear allegiance to the monarch with “a chorus of millions of voices.”

This oath replaces the traditional “homage of peers” in which members of the aristocracy lined up to pay honors to the new monarch. Now it will be only the heir, Prince William, who will honor the king.

The Minister of Transport of the British Government, Mark Harper, has already expressed his support for the new formula and has recalled that the deputies already “swear allegiance to her majesty” when they take office, he explained in statements to skynews. Harper believes the coronation is a “fantastic opportunity” and a “great showcase for Britain“.

From the opposition of Labor Party election campaign manager Shabana Mahmood has opined that it is “a lovely idea to involve people” and that the oath gives the ceremony a “lovely touch”.

However, the co-leader of the Green partyAdrian Ramsey, has explained that he will see the coronation because “it is a key moment for the nation”, but considers that the oath “is something quite old-fashioned”.

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Another environmental official, Jenny Jones, has argued that instead of asking for a loyalty oath, the king could invest the more than 100 million pounds that the coronation will cost in hiring nurses.

“Asking us to chant our allegiance seems odd when so many of us believe the monarchy is an outdated institution in need of drastic overhaul. Also I think that the king is rich enough enough to pay for his own coronation instead of us doing it as taxpayers ”, he argued.

From the anti-monarchist organization Republic they have already summoned anti-coronation protests.

“Asking people to swear allegiance to Carlos and his heirs implies swearing allegiance to Andrés. In a democracy it is the head of state who must swear allegiance to us. It is an offensive and insensitive gesture that despises people, ”he argued.

As King of England Charles III He is also the head of the Anglican Church, but at his coronation and for the first time in history there will be representation of other faiths. The prime minister, Rishi Sunak, a Hindu religion, will read a passage from the Bible.

Other novelties include a prayer to be read by the King in English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Irish to acknowledge the “rich heritage” From United Kingdom. Anglican bishops will also participate.

These novelties “reflect the diversity of our contemporary society”, highlighted the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, after the publication of the entire liturgy.

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