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In the self-destructive drift in which he lives Paris Saint-Germainto which it is being done eternal the season no matter how much the final consolation of the Ligue 1 title, there is not a single match without shocks, like the ones he suffered this Sunday against the Lorient, to whom he delivered two goals, with which he was expelled Achraf Hakimi in the 20th minute and with which he fell without an alibi at home 1-3.

It doesn’t make much sense how the Parisian team acts, superior to each and every one of its opponents throughout the French competition, provided in its squad of footballers desired by the best in Europe, endowed with impressive financial muscle in today’s football, about to win a new championship, but constantly unpredictablewithout the tension, concentration and rigor in each set that competition demands.

The individualities mark their team above the collective. Always so conclusive, when it comes to Mbappé, Messi or any player of the many that is available to make a difference at any moment, is also a victim of it, this Sunday of the double nonsense by Achraf Hakimi; a phenomenal full-back who was reckless, no matter how many nuances that may include the two yellow cards he received. They both seem so.

One at minute 5, another at minute 20, headed for the shower ahead of time, also when PSG was suddenly losing 0-1 at the edge of quarter of an hour, when I entered Kalulu, Faivre and Le Fee they dismantled the entire defensive structure of the Parisian team. A good goal that stirred up the match, even more so with the red to Hakimi, in a strange scenario that was even more so in the 1-1: a surreal gift, inappropriate for professional football, of Yvon Mvogo.

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While PSG claimed a penalty, apparently under VAR review without the game being stopped yet, the Lorient goalkeeper interpreted the opposite. He threw the ball low to the ground to hit it… With kylian mbappe beside. The goalscorer accepted the gift, smarter than the goalkeeper, and pushed the net to make it 1-1 to the disbelief of all, except his own, aware that his goal admitted no doubt. It was 1-1, due to many protests.

The controversy resides in the fact that, according to the Lorient footballers, the referee had whistled and stopped the game earlier. It did not seem like it in the sequence of the goalkeeper with the ball. Not even when he first talked about Mbappe. Not when he held the ball in his hands. Not even when he released it in the eyes of his rival. Not even so did PSG wake up. Not even with 1-1.

Ten minutes later, with another defensive grotesque, he resigned again. He made it against the play that he laid out Faivre, that he left everyone he wanted, who didn’t oppose too much either. Neither Verratti nor Bernat. Yongwa Ngameni transformed the 1-2. Start over for Paris Saint-Germain. And to Mbappe, whose face summed up the unreasonableness of his own team. TO Lionel Messi nor had she been seen in all the first half. To others, neither. All null.

Afterwards, PSG set out to react. Nor did he give it to tie. Without Carlos Soler, changed to rest; with Fabian Ruiz on the field; later replaced Juan Bernat; trusting everything to the inspiration, the speed and the punch of mbappé or the wit of Messi; with headers as the most productive resource in attack -two of Sergio Ramos and one of Danilo Pereira, repelled with the head by Mvogo- and soulless.

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Dieng forgave 3-1. The VAR annulled it after another goal, for offside. And finally marked it. In PSG’s final offensive, all their players were on the edge of the area, with 70 free meters to Dieng without a single defender in his way until Donnarummawhom he beat to sentence the crash.

Lorient, eleventh in the table before the start of the dayhad not won as a visitor since last January 1. Four months ago. A fact that further amplified andthe umpteenth nonsense of the leader, who will be champion, surely, but whose season conveys a unique feeling in anticipation of such a consequence: failure. To top it off, he was injured Nuno Mendes.

(With information from EFE)

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