AMLO's message served to guide "uncontrolled succession process": Monreal

Senator Ricardo Monreal said that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a message that will serve as a “political compass” for those who “deviated from the course” as part of the uncontrolled process of anticipated succession.

The leader of the bench in the upper house referred to the meeting held by legislators and candidates for the presidential candidacy, called ‘corcholatas’ by the President, prior to the session in which morenistas approved 20 reforms without the presence of the opposition.

Monreal has criticized, without mentioning specific names, that other Morenista aspirants are using excessive resources for their promotion; It was in this sense that he highlighted the President’s message:

His conciliatory, unitary, forward-looking message, in which he included me after two years of not meeting him, now serves as a political compass for those of us who, as part of the uncontrolled process of anticipated succession, that we need to continue to consolidate regime change in the country.

According to Monreal, President López Obrador took stock of “the transformation that he is leading, as well as the pending challenges and the challenges that are not yet overcome.”

The message, in the words of the senator, focused on encouraging unity towards the presidential succession:

Much of his message referred to his hope of averting any rupture in the movement he founded, and of which we are a part, in order to make the presidential succession poll credible and accepted and, above it, in In the coming months, a fundamental political agreement could be reached to guide the process and those of us who are immersed in it.

According to Monreal, before the message the movement seemed cracked and divided.

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Only he is capable of unifying something that seemed cracked and divided. His moral strength will allow us to move away from any individualistic temptation, and remember that no individual claim should be above the collective well-being…

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