Like Twitter, Gmail will have a blue badge for legitimate emails

Google has joined the trend of blue badges to indicate that the sender brand of an email in its Gmail service is legitimate, and not an impersonation, with the aim of curbing the spread of spam.

The blue insignia, similar to the one that already exists on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram, will be displayed next to the logo and the name of the sender brand of an email, as long as it is registered in the system brand identification which Google introduced in 2021.

This identification system (BIMI) not only verifies an organization’s identity, but also requires it to use a authentication solid, to be able to show the brand logo as an avatar in the mail.

“Strong authentication of email helps users and email security systems to identify and stop spamand also allows senders to take advantage of the trust of their brand”, explains the company in its Workspace blog.

The blue badge will begin to be displayed as of this Wednesday for users listed in the BIMI, being available for Google Workspace customers, inherited from G Suite Basic and Business and personal accounts of Google.

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