They locate 2,340 liters of cloned Coca-Cola in Iztapalapa

An investigation for the crime of concealment by receipt, that is, by storing stolen items or vehicles, led the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCM) to discover a property where allegedly Coca-Cola brand soft drinks were cloned.

The spokesman for the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, Ulises Lara López, reported that after a search carried out in a property of the Santa Martha Acatitla North neighborhood, Iztapalapa mayor’s office, hundreds of boxes with bottles with possibly cloned Coca-Cola brand soda were located.

The prosecutor’s agents were investigating a folder related to a car theft case when they discovered the warehouse of cloned products, as well as evidence of stolen vehicles and falsified documentation.

The Coca-Cola presentations that were cloned the most are the ones that They are sold in a glass container and a three-liter bottle, according to a first count by authorities.

During the investigation carried out by the General Coordination of Strategic Investigation, the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office learned of this property where soft drinks with characteristics very similar to Coca-Cola were allegedly made and stored, which they were sold and labeled as if they were the original product.

Four soda packages were found at the scene, each with 12 glass containers.

About 130 plastic boxes, each with 6 3-liter bottles full of supposed cola soda, that is to say, that the alleged cloners of this soda already had 2,340 liters of counterfeit Coca-Cola ready for sale

In addition, they were found 797 additional boxes with containers for the sale of soft drinkseach with 24 containers of 600 milliliters, ready to be filled.

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Due to the above, two people who were in the place were arrested and made available to the Public Ministry.

In addition, three license plates with a current theft report, a satellite positioning geolocator (GPS), a sedan, a van and a motorcycle were found on the site, vehicles whose ownership is being investigated.

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