Videos |  Mother allegedly beat her 2-year-old son to death in Macuspana

A Two-year-old boy allegedly beaten to death by his motherin the Belén de Macuspana neighborhood, Tabasco.

It is also believed that the minor was victim of constant violence.

Witnesses assured that people were constantly being heard woman hitting the child but this time in addition to the screams there was silence and then to the mother asking for help.

According to the medium tabasco todaythe mother is originally from Michoacán and lived in amasiato with another woman, for which both were arrested.

Brutally beaten child

Geysor “N”, from Michoacán; and Jazmín “N”, would have been ingesting prohibited substances and alcohol, when for reasons that are being investigated, they argued and the child was beaten, brutally by those who were responsible for taking care of him.

According to the stories of the neighbors, the boy was thrown from a considerable heightso when he fell, he lost his life by breaking his neck.

Elements of the Police and Municipal Civil Protection went to the place where the minor was treated but he had already died.

At the time of the assessment, the rescuers indicated “code black”, that is, that nothing could be done, since the minor had died after being brutally beaten and breaking his cervical vertebrae.

Preliminarily, it is assured that the death could have been due to beatings, although it was they will practice the forensic examinations of law.

The child’s mother was arrested at the scene and later transferred to the Tabasco State Attorney General’s Office.

tabasco today indicated that the child’s body was claimed by his grandmother, who was located in the state capital.

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