NL: They rescue a puppy that begged its owners not to be abandoned |  Video

After a video in which a family is seen went viral abandon a puppy in the middle of Adolfo López Mateos avenuein the municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo León, the entity’s Environment Secretariat announced the rescue of the tenderloin called Paco.

“The State Attorney for the Environment rescued Paco, the canine that they abandoned from a car in an avenuealso presented a complaint before the Attorney General’s Office of Justice in the State for these events,” the agency announced in its official Twitter account. Instagram.

The video of Paco’s abandonment caused outrage on social networks, at the same time as his former owner He denied that he had left him helpless.

In the images captured by a driver, a vehicle can be seen stopped on Adolfo López Mateos avenue and a dog that, standing on two legs, ask to get in the car while an individual chases it away with his hands. According to local media reports, the canine was thrown out of a car window.

The small breed dog tries several times to get back to the car by standing up, but his attempts are in vain. When the traffic light turns green, the car starts and the loin chases it as fast as its short legs allow it.

At the end, the vehicle goes up to a bridge and the dog is left left to their own devices.

In a publication of Facebookthe alleged owner of the dog assured that the little loin was not abandoned and that later they put him in the carwithout elaborating why he was left out on the street in the first place.

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“To the person who uploaded a video where he shows or says that we abandoned Paco my dog, I ask that if you want to help, do it well, do not harm without knowing! the puppy is home and then he got in the car and returned home! “Wrote the user.

In contrast to what the owner said on social networks, the Neoleonese Environment Secretariat assured that the puppy was found on a friday night without specifying the site, after the head of the agency, Félix Arratia Cruz, instructed the State Environment Attorney’s Office to locate the canine.

The facts recorded on video could configure the crime of abuse or cruelty to domestic animalsprovided for in article 445 of the State Penal Code, according to the Ministry of the Environment.

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