Mier Velazco will present a reform to elect ministers at the polls

The coordinator of the Morena bench in the Chamber of Deputies, Ignacio Mier Velazco, announced that he will propose a reform so that SCJN ministers are elected at the polls.

Given the failure of Plan B of the electoral reform in which faults were pointed out in the legislative process, Mier Velazco said that this afternoon they will present the proposal to Mario Delgado, president of his party, so that it be incorporated into the work agenda of the four-theist movement.

“After the resolution of the @SCJN, the need for a reform is clear so that ministers are democratically elected. Today in the afternoon we will raise it with the President of @PartidoMorenaMx @mario_delgado to incorporate it into the movement’s work agenda.”

In a thread on his social networks, Mier Velazco affirmed that the refusal against the first part of Plan B focused on the regulation and the way in which the deputies organized the vote, and not on the substance of the initiative.

“The ministers left on the Regulation, the way in which we organized ourselves in the @Mx_Diputados, not on the bottom, if the law was good or bad; if public life in Mexico improved, if the media had the opportunity to guarantee the right of Mexicans to be informed”.

He even made reference to the conformation of the ministries in 2013 with respect to the population of the energy reform that he said, they carried out in 12 minutes —some of those ministers have already concluded their term such as Olga Sánchez Cordero, Juan Silva Meza, Luis María Aguilar among others— .

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“Unfortunate that the @SCJN has remained on the sidelines in 2013, when in 12 minutes and without discussion they approved the reform that made the nation lose its energy sovereignty. The electoral reforms were discussed for 18 hours, in accordance with the guidelines of the @Mx_Diputados.”

At the same time that he defended the origin of Plan B of the electoral reform, Ignacio Mier criticized the refusal of the ministers, pointing out that their position was related to their income.

“To remain silent is to become accomplices in something that is hurting and lacerating the country, because the ministers of the @SCJN do not say anything about the more than 600,000 pesos they earn or their multimillion-dollar trusts. That is painful in the eyes of the people.”

For this reason, he considered that it is necessary to express his position on the subject and with this he supported the proposal of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, regarding that the ministers reach their position by vote of the people and before the end of his administration he will send three reforms constitutional provisions to the Judiciary in this regard.

“So that the people elect the ministers, as established by the liberal Constitution of 1857, at the time of President (Benito) Juárez, that the ministers were chosen by the people”.


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