They discover cocaine in blood samples that went from Colombia to Amsterdam

The anti-narcotics police Colombia seized 1.6 kilos of cocaine hidden in bags that allegedly contained blood samples at the Medellín airport and that they were destined for Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The shipment was discovered in a cargo hold at the José María Córdova international airport by Dulce, an anti-narcotics canine, police said in a statement.

When reviewing the place, the agents found in a cardboard box “three plastic intravenous bags, with a red liquid that in its labels it made reference to biological blood samples”.

When doing laboratory tests it was found that, in realityThese bags contained 1.6 kilos of cocaine.

“This is just one of the ways in which multi-crime organizations, through different forms of concealment, try to send cocaine to international destinations,” said Colombian Police Anti-Narcotics Director, Colonel Édgar Cárdenas.

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