Florida Governor signs immigration reform before the end of Title 42

the governor of FloridaRon DeSantis, signed this Wednesday a reform of the immigration law before the end of the Title 42, one of the most controversial immigration policies of the stage of former President Donald Trump, which will expire this Thursday.

The new legislation prevents state authorities from issuing identification cards to undocumented persons, in addition to increase penalties for crimes related to human trafficking and reinforce the federal database to check the status of migrants, among others.

“Either you are here as a native (citizen) or you come legally, both are good, but crossing the border (illegally) and ending up receiving benefits in Florida does not make sense“, argued the Republican governor, according to the chain NBCNews.

Ron DeSantis

The President of the United States himself, Joe Biden, anticipated that the next few days will be “chaos” due to the end of Title 42, which has caused several Republican states, such as Texas or Florida, put additional measures on the table before the “overcrowding” of migrants on the border with Mexico.

Title 42, which will cease to be in force as of Thursday, is a public health provision, promoted by the previous US Administration, which authorizes the collective expulsion of any migrant and asylum seeker attempting to cross the land borders of the United States, without an individual assessment of their circumstances and protection needs.

Thousands of migrants are crossing into the United States this week ahead of a new regulation that could prevent most trespassers from the border strip request asylum, while others gathered on the Mexican side amid confusion over US policy.

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The United States launched a rule on Wednesday that means that most immigrants are not eligible for asylum if they first passed through other countries where they did not seek protection or if they did not use legal pathways to enter the country.

The new rule is a key part of President Joe Biden’s border control plan, as Covid-19 restrictions, known as Title 42, will end just before midnight on Thursday.

Under Title 42, which has been in effect since March 2020, many people who crossed the border were quickly removed to Mexico without the ability to apply for asylum, which provoked repeated attempts by some migrants.

The Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, said that new rule would mean harsher consequences for migrants who cross illegally and that, if caught, they could be deported and barred from qualifying for asylum in the United States for five years.

We are making it very clear that our border is not openthat crossing irregularly is against the law and that those who are not eligible for aid (asylum) will be returned quickly,” Mayorkas said earlier at a news conference in Washington.

Migrants have been crowding into Mexico near various parts of the border, many of them not knowing when or how to cross. Drone images showed large crowds gathered at the border fence from El Paso, Texas, facing neighboring Ciudad Juárez, in Mexican territory.

In an imposing wall that divides San Diego, in California, and Tijuana, in Mexico, hundreds have been jumping in the last few dayshoping to turn himself in to Border Patrol agents.

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(With information from Europa Press and Reuters)


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