NFL announces 2023 international games without Mexico

The nfl announced this Wednesday its series of five international matches for the season 2023of which three will be played in London (England) and two in frankfurt (Germany).

Unlike years past, Mexico will not receive any duels this yearafter the Aztec stadiumthe largest sports property in the country, be subjected to renovations to house the Soccer World Cup 2026 next to United States and Canada.

In London the Jacksonville Jaguars they will become the first team in the league to play two games of the same campaign outside the United States.

He October 1st will face the atlanta falcons in it wembley stadiumand the 8 of the same month will play against buffalo billscommanded by the quarterback Josh Allenin it Tottenham Hotspur Stadium from the same city.

In the same venue, the October 15ththe Tennessee Titans they will play against Baltimore Ravenswho will perform with their stellar duo made up of field marshal lamar jackson and the receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Almost 800 kilometers from there, frankfurt will have for the first time in history two regular season gamesafter in 2022 Munich It was the first German city to host NFL games.

The Champions, Kansas City Chiefswith patrick mahomes at the controls, they will play against the Miami Dolphinsand his star Tua Tagovailoain it Frankfurt Stadium he November 5th.

A week later, on the 12th, the New England Patriotsdirected by the historical bill belichick that has led them to win six Super Bowlsthey will have as a rival the indianapolis coltsat the Frankfurt Stadium.

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Also this Wednesday the NFL reported the matches that will be held in Christmas and New Years Eve in United States.

The new york giants and the Philadelphia Eagleschampions of the National Conference, will be measured on December 25. The cincinnati bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs they will do the same last day of the year.

Between the news of the 2023 season the first game to be played in the so-called black friday (Black Friday), which kicks off the Christmas shopping season in the United States. It will be on November 24 between Miami Dolphins and the new york jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

He full schedule of the 2023 campaign will be revealed this Thursday.

(With information from EFE)

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