'Parque Aztlán' in Chapultepec will open its doors in August

He “Aztlan Park“, which will replace the extinct Chapultepec’s fairwill open its doors to the public on August 30, the government of Mexico City announced this Wednesday.

The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, made a tour of supervision of works where the amusement park is built, which will have a free area. It will also have a “Jurassic world” themed roller coaster and an immersive game that will present attendees with a simulation of living in the Tenochtitlan era.

It was reported that it will be built a Ferris wheel 85 meters highthe largest in the country and one of the largest in the world, which will have 40 closed cabins made in Italy, specified the president of the construction company Mota-Engil Mexico, José Miguel Bejos.

The mechanical games that make up the themed park with Mexican identity are designed in United States, Holland, Italy and Taiwan.

The park, part of the “Chapultepec, Nature and Culture” project, will also have a forum with capacity for an orchestra of 100 musicians, where concerts will be held.

José Miguel Bejos indicated that the concept includes keeping costs “popular” and even free for visitors. On the land of the park, which consists of 6 hectares, a museum of Dolores Olmedo will also be built.

The surface of Parque Aztlán will be built with hydrocrete, a type of concrete 100% permeable and ecological that will allow a greater absorption of water to the subsoil.


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