They detect suspicious movements of suitcases in the AICM exchange office

Federal authorities decided to reinforce security in exchange houses at the Mexico City International Airport, after having detected suspicious movements with suitcases and backpacks.

The Mexican government reported that they detected the unusual entry of suitcases in an exchange center in Terminal 1.

This Monday it was observed through the airport’s video surveillance system that some people entered an exchange center with suitcases and backpacks, which were left in that place for several hours and then other individuals picked them up.

AICM surveillance personnel consulted those in charge of the Exchange Center about the suitcases and backpacks, who stated that they were unaware of the content and had “saved” them to later deliver them to other people whose identity they do not know.

Due to the above, AICM authorities proceeded to verify the Airport Identification Cards (TIAS) of the personnel present in the Exchange Centers.

Security personnel corroborated that within the aforementioned premises there were people who did not carry valid or active identification, for which reason they were ordered to leave.

Current regulations establish that service providers are required to have updated identification.

In a statement, the Mexican government indicated that the Exchange Centers in the AICM are establishments with a high flow of foreign currency in cash, therefore the entry and exit of suitcases without any control activated tasks to verify compliance with the security measures and restrictions that must abide by said companies and that are contained in their contracts.

The legal department of the airport analyzes the presentation of a criminal complaint before the prosecutor’s office, since in a previous analysis it was determined that the people detected and the movement of suitcases could be acts constituting a crime.

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According to the statement, the employees of the exchange centers decided to close their doors after the inspection.

After the facts, it was decided to send elements of the Secretary of the Navy to improve security.

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