These are the 'removable patches' of the border wall through which migrants cross |  Video

A few kilometers from federal highway 174, located in the border colony of Anapra, New Mexico, you can find removable patches placed along the Wall that divides Mexico and the United States.

John Ritchie, reporter for Impact Visionpresented exclusively for Live Aristegui videos and images of these big holes in the border for which migrants can freely cross between the two countries.

The patches are located in a area known for people smuggling, as narrated by Ritchie. “The migrants themselves do not dare to cross through the holes because It is a place where you pay to cross“, he narrated during Live Aristegui .

But that is not all. The reporter highlighted that the US border patrol itself is oblivious when finding these multiple holes in the wall. In the exclusive videos, a US officer can be seen walking past a clearly visible patch.

“Agents of the border patrol they passed by the place and far from stopping to report the holes they passed as if nothing“Ritchie pointed out. This, according to the reporter, could indicate the level of corruption that exists by the US authorities.

“There is a lot of corruptionnot only on the Mexican side, but also on the American side,” he stressed.

Because of the border patrol’s inaction on the holes, Ritchie recalled the case of Héctor Hernándezwho was prosecuted for opening the door of the border wall to a group of migrants in exchange for five thousand dollars.

“On May 9, he opened the doors of one of the walls and a day later the FBI set him up“, he recounted by way of contrast with the indifference shown by the border patrol before the perfectly cut removable patches.

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