At 84, he almost managed to scale the highest peaks in the world

The Spanish Carlos Soriaa climber 84 yearsIt had to be evacuated of the peak dhaulagiri in Nepalabandoning her dream of becoming the older person in climb the fourteen highest peaks on the planet.

He Mountain climber Originally from Ávila, he suffered a drop yesterday on the way to the top of the Dhaulagiri, so he could not continue with his journey and had to be transferred to a hospital in Kathmanduthe capital of Nepal.

As the paramedics arrived and rescuersSoria was waiting in camp II, after his companions and the sherpa – an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of Nepal – will help him down from the highest part of the mountain.

From social networks, the climber’s team, Seven Summit Treks, warned that Carlos Soria had been transferred to Kathmandu. “This morning he has been transferred in helicopter from the CII of the Dhaulagiri. He is in the hospital in the Nepalese capital receiving the first treatments and diagnosis“, he assured.

According to the group’s operations manager, Karma Gyalje Sherpa, “Carlos slipped when he was almost 8,000 meters and fell a few meters below”, then he was lowered by the team to Dhaulagiri Camp III, at 7 thousand 200 meters high, which is a few meters over the top from the mountain of 8 thousand 167 meters highthe seventh highest on the planet.

Although this is not the most dangerous mountain that the athlete has climbed, it is the one that has cost him the most, since this was the fourteenth time trying to reach to the summit of Dhaulagiri, trying it for the first time in 1998 and being his last attempt, prior to this, in the first of 2022.

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In 2018, Soria, who managed to climb to the top of the Annapurna to the 77 yearsunderwent surgery upon receiving a full implantation of one kneedue to a osteoarthritis severe that causes Intense pain.

Carlos, who has been climbing mountains since 14 yearsis so far the only mountaineer in the world who has managed to climb ten of the fourteen eight thousand over 60 yearsmissing the Dhaulagiri and the mount Shisha Pangmain Tibet, to become the oldest mountaineer to achieve this goal.

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