Relatives confirm that the body found in Guerrero is Lesly Martínez: CDMX Prosecutor's Office

The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office reported that the body located in the municipality of Huitzuco de los Figueroa, in Warriorwas recognized such as Lesly Martínez for her relatives.

He indicated that “by protocol the genetic tests respective” to determine that it is actually the 30-year-old girl.

The young woman was seen by last time at his home located in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office, when she went out with her partner Alejandro Alberto Martínez Triana, on April 30.

In Guerrero, a corpse “with similar characteristics” to Lesly

The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office reported this Tuesday on the discovery in Guerrero of the body of a woman with characteristics similar to Lesly Martínez Colín.

According to a statement from the capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, detectives from the Investigative Police (PDI), along with personnel from the Guerrero Attorney General’s Office located the woman’s body in the municipality of Huitzuco de los Figueroa.

He Last May 10, the family of Lesly Martínez Colín confirmed the death of the young womanafter holding a meeting with personnel from the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office.

The autonomous body of Mexico City since last Friday, May 5, has information about the death of the young woman.

Five days later, the victim’s relatives claimed that they were subsequently notified.

Boyfriend, main suspect

On May 5, the relatives commented that, according to the first investigations, the mother of Lesly’s partner told the ministerial agents that her son had murdered the young woman.

“We are hurt because they did not give us the truth,” one of the relatives told the journalists who gathered at the Prosecutor’s Office.

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According to this version, Alejandro Alberto “N”, boyfriend of the young woman and who is a fugitivewas the perpetrator of the crime.

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