Popocatepetl |  What should you do in the event of a volcanic fall?

the activity of ‘Don Goyo’ is increasing.

After an intense night in which the Popocatépetl volcano registered a series of explosions, at least five mayors of Mexico City woke up with volcanic ash fall.

Before him risk that volcanic ash can generate in the environment and health, the Secretariat of Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection issued a series of recommendations to provide greater security to its inhabitants.

1. Cover the water tanks to avoid contamination

2. If you need to leave the house, protect your nose and mouth

3. Keep doors and windows closed

4. Seal the cracks and windows with damp cloths to clean the entry of dust inside

5. DO NOT exercise outdoors

6. DO NOT leave food out in the open to avoid contamination

7. Cover drains to prevent ash from entering the drain

8. Stay informed through official government channels

What are the scenarios foreseen for Yellow Phase 2?

Currently Civil Protection keeps the ‘Popo’ in Yellow Phase 2, in which low to intermediate scale explosive activity could continue.

In addition to light to moderate ash rains in nearby towns and possibility of pyroclastic flows and short range mudflows.

What to do in case of ash accumulation?

The authorities recommend:

1. Sweep up the ash and place it in a bag

2. Water should not be used to remove the ashes, since it could harden and cause the obstruction of strainers

3. Covers vehicles, especially engines and air filters.

4. Do not clean the windshield with water


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