Videos |  CDMX police offer money and apologize to lady who threw a basket of churros at her

After the video was broadcast in which elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC CDMX) are observed throw him a basket of churros to a lady who sold churros in the Historic Center, the office indicated that the events occurred on May 17 in the corridor of Francisco I. Madero.

He added that the general director of the Auxiliary Police, Lorenzo Gutiérrez, appeared with the lady and offered her an apology on behalf of the institution.

Meanwhile he commander in charge of the operation in the center of CDMX was removed from office and the other elements involved are under investigation to determine the sanction that will be applied to them.

He indicated that the head of the unit, Omar García Harfuch, contacted the woman by telephone to reiterate the apology and promised to increase the training of personnel so that the police act with “strict respect for human rights.”

They offer money and apologize

The dependency of the capital added that the director of the Auxiliary Police provided economic support to repair the damage to the woman, in addition to bringing gifts to the minors in the family, sent by the Undersecretary of Programs for Mayors and Reorganization of Public Highways. of the Government of Mexico City.

Meanwhile, he indicated that Mrs. “Karen thanked the apology and the care provided, as well as the authorities’ interest in clarifying the facts.”

This was the moment when the police threw the basket of churros

The video shows the woman on the floor in the company of two girls whom she hugs while other people approach her to help her pick up her merchandise, after the police elements throw the basket with churros at her as part of an operation.

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