UN condemns racist insults to Vinícius Júnior |  Video

The ONU has condemned this Wednesday the racist insults received on Sunday by the Real Madrid player, Vinicius Junior, during the match held against Valencia at the Mestalla Stadium, and has indicated that this situation “Remember the prevalence of racism in sport.”

The High Commissioner for Human RightsVolker Turk, has referred to these facts in a press conference before calling “those who organize sporting events” to “Implement strategies on the ground” for “avoid and counteract” the racism that occurs in the sports world.

In this sense, it has called “listen” and “involve” “people of African descent” in the taking of decisions on measures against racism with the aim of taking “real steps to address their main concerns.”

Turk has also offered sports federations guidance on how to put human rights standards into practice and the fight “against stigmatization, racism or discrimination against the LGTBI collective”.

On the other hand, in his speech, the high commissioner related the episode of Vinicius Junior with the murder three years ago of George Floyd andn USA.

It is clear that the problem of police brutality against people of African descent will not be solved until we deal with the broader problem of the systematic manifestations of racism that permeate every aspect of our lives.

(With information from Europe Press)


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