Peru: Prosecutor's Office calls on President for deaths in protests

The Prosecutor’s Office of Peru called the president of the country to testify, Dina Boluarte, in the framework of a preliminary investigation for the alleged crime of genocide for the deaths of civilians during protests against his government.

The Public Ministry summoned the president for next Wednesday, May 31, in order to answer for the nearly 60 deaths that were registered during the protests, originated after his ascension to the Presidency at the beginning of December.

Once the news was known, Boluarte’s lawyer, Joseph Campos, stressed before the microphones of the station PTR the “vocation of collaboration” of the head of state to close a chapter that, she says, “does not make sense.”

“It is not responsible to keep the president in a legal investigation regarding this responsibility,” said Campos, who confirmed that the Andean president will attend the summons of the Public Ministry.

However, the lawyer stressed that this investigation has a high political cost for the presidenteven more so in a context marked by criticism from regional leaders about the legitimacy of the Boluarte government.

Campos thus referred to the criticisms of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or his Colombian counterpart, Gustavo Petro, who “use their presidential status to establish that in Peru there is no democracy or there is a genocidal government”.

The anti-government demonstrations started after the then president, Pedro Castillo, dismissed and arrested for an attempt to arrogate more powers in a maneuver that the Peruvian authorities classified as “self-coup d’état”.

After this, Boluarte, who until then had served as vice president, took the reins of the country. The population, however, showed his discontent and demanded that the president resign from office and call elections.

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