Take-Two Talks GTA VI: 'Rockstar Strives For Perfection'

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick raised the hype from Grand Theft Auto fans and gave details about what the company is looking for in the next installment of the franchise, almost 10 years from the initial release of GTA V.

After fiasco which was the remastered trilogy of gta (III, Vice City and San Andreas), the Take-Two executive said on the Good podcast Time Show that developers try to create a “delicate balance” by offering players something that feels both completely new and comfortingly familiar.

“In the entertainment business… we embrace our successes as if they were part of us, like they are part of our family, you know, we have a great affection for them and we take it personally if people play with them, it’s not right if the creators make a decision that is not consistent with how we believe these successes should be developed”, he assured the program.

He later added: “I think that is a challenge that the Rockstar team faces every time there is a new installment of Grand Theft Auto. It has to be something you’ve never seen before, on the one hand, and it also has to reflect the feeling we have about Grand Theft Auto, and that is a great challenge for the team. Now, Rockstar’s answer is to seek perfectionDon’t settle for anything less than perfection and you’ll get there.”

Recently, unconfirmed rumors have spread on social networks about the supposed map of GTA VI. What has been confirmed by Rockstar himself is the massive leak suffered by the video game company, thanks to which images of the development of the highly anticipated sequel could be seen.

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In September 2022, shortly after the nine-year anniversary of the premiere of GTA V, GTAForums user ‘Teapotuberhacker’ leaked several videos featuring two protagonists in different situations. In one of the videos you can see LucyWhat would the new protagonist be called? involved in a shootout with police after robbing a restaurant.

According to reports from Bloombergthe next installment of the acclaimed saga will have a female protagonist and will try to be more socially aware. Similarly, it is expected that GTA VI be exclusive to the latest generation of consoles: PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, as well as PC.

The leaked images also show a possible return to the iconic city of Vice Cityinspired by Miami, Florida.


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