Disappear all evidence: No progress due to destruction of evidence in Nayarit

After making known in Aristegui News that the Nayarit Attorney General’s Office destroyed clothes and objects of people found in the clandestine grave of the 21 considering them a source of infection, Searching mothers assure that there is no progress to clarify the situation and punish those involved — the police could even have participated in the disappearance and murder of people.

Rosa María Jara Montes, mother of Nicanor Alejandro López Jara, who disappeared on June 22, 2017 in the Fraccionamiento Villas del Prado in Tepic, denounced before the State and Republic prosecutors, the destruction of evidence.

It will be next week —a month and a half after the public complaint— when he will be able to meet with the sub-prosecutor of the state, Rodrigo Benítez to review the situation of which he learned as General Director of Ministerial Research in 2019within the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Nayarit.

“Regarding the lawsuit that I filed, I already had communication with the sub-prosecutor, we agreed to talk next week, I already ratified my complaint, I have not had any threat from here from the state government right now but I did tell him that I requested the protection mechanism, my precautionary measures, the Mechanism has already answered me.”

She recovered her son’s remains on October 27, 2022, after finding them in the clandestine grave of the 21, the deepest in Nayarit at 4 meters, but They did not return the clothes with which they found their son and for this reason he filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office for the destruction of evidence, but recently they asked him to reconsider his formal complaint.

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“In FGR now that I went, they told me to reconsider that because they were going to file the complaint, that they were going to take care of that issue, as if saying if I wanted to back down; that they recommended that I reconsider that complaint, that is, it already smelled to me like because I was the only one who had made it, so I told them no, they have done nothing”.

Rosa María, the mother, the seeker, spokesperson for the Por Nuestros Corazones collective, pointed out that based on this suggestion by the FGR, she has taken precautions against some acts that she considers could be of intimidation for filing the complaint.

“To get used to the idea, in fact I have a dental piece that was removed, and it will sound very gloomy, but I tell my son: if one day I don’t come back, they disappear or they don’t find me, here it is piece for you to extract my DNA. It is a scenario that we have to be realistic”.

In an informal interview offered by the Nayarit prosecutor Petronilo Díaz Ponce Medrano to the local media, after Aristegui Noticias presented the investigation Disappearing all evidence: the Nayarit Prosecutor’s Office destroys evidence (and deepens doubts), he described as “a clumsiness” the destruction of garments.

The prosecutor admitted the destruction of a single item of clothing —even though an official document states that all evidence from 2019 was destroyed to make room in the cellar to the objects and clothes of 2020—in addition to admitting, they washed those clothes.

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The garments of the 2019 corpses stored in the FGE Nayarit were destroyed to have space in the evidence warehouse.  special credit.

“Unfortunately there was a clumsiness by the person in charge of evidence, where unfortunately a garment was exhumed together with human remains from the well-known grave from which approximately 21 were extracted. All the expert processing begins, which is forensic photography, forensic genetics, washing of the garments, the examination of the same through the different tests that exist in the expert services, is perfectly well documented, perfectly well detailed in the research folder”.

The Nayarit prosecutor defended the procedures of his institution and dismissed the information offered by the state prosecutor’s own documents regarding the fate of the various items and objects in the grave of the 21 —which according to the chains of custody they included handcuffs, a bat and other objects.

In exhumation 12 they found an object made up of two metal rings, linked together by a chain.  Credit.  Special

“Once a procedure is exhausted, but not that we are destroying evidence, I think that this opinion is made with a certain lightness because in the investigation folder for practically everything.”

In addition to this, he said that there are more than thirty people prosecuted for this cause and some sentenced, although the families say they are unaware of this information.

Regarding the prosecutor’s statements, the coordinator of the National Citizen Council of the National Search System in Mexico, and leader of the collective of searchers in Nayarit, Guerreras en Busca de Nuestros Tesoros, Virginia Garay Cázares —who is looking for Bryan Eduardo Arias Garay who disappeared on February 6, 2018 in Tepic — demanded that not only the warehouse manager be investigated of evidence but to the other authorities involved.

“And he is blaming or letting everything fall to the person in charge of the warehouse, I want to believe that because he is the last person who had the chain of custody of all the indications. But this cannot fall on anything else in it; the subThe prosecutor signed the authorization, he also authorized that, so why should only one person be blamed or penalized, but even if they want to penalize nothing else, it is very serious.”

  1. The searchers highlighted that it should be an exemplary, appropriate sanction to the seriousness of the disappearance of evidence, which is not only reprimands and which has other types of consequences.
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Nayarit Prosecutor's Office responds to the FGR that Nicanor Alejandro López Jara's clothes were destroyed for representing a source of infection.  Credit.  Special


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