Ron DeSantis Has Another Technology Fail, This Time on Newsmax (Video)

During a tirade in which he intended to diss Ron DeSantis’s tech fail-laden presidential campaign launch, Donald Trump Jr. had an online blunder of his own on Thursday: Accidentally insulting his dad instead.

On the most recent edition of his online show “Triggered with Don Jr.,” in the midst of a rant about DeSantis, Don Jr. said this:

“Once you actually put out the facts I think a different image is going to emerge… Trump has the charisma of a mortician, and the energy that makes Jeb Bush look an Olympian.”

Trump Jr. did not correct himself, but instead continued on with the monologue by calling out DeSantis on his flip-flopping and claiming he has “the policies of a DC swamp rat.” (Though, syntactically, he was still talking about Donald Trump). Watch the full clip above (video via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter).

Trump Jr. is far from the only person to try and capitalize off of DeSantis’ rough last 24 hours. The Florida governor launched his 2024 presidential campaign Wednesday in an event on Twitter’s audio-only platform, Spaces. But to the chagrin of host Elon Musk and moderator David Sacks, the feed kept cutting out, a problem exacerbated by the trio’s apparent discomfort even using the platform.

Trump Jr. previously mocked the fiasco after it ended, deeming it a “failure to launch” and a “#DeSaster of epic proportions.” Trump Sr., who obviously wasn’t going to leave it alone, posting a video on Truth Social of a rocket labeled “Ron! 2024” failing to launch, falling over and exploding.

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Elsewhere in his “Triggered” episode, Trump Jr. made fun of DeSantis for his “nasal and effeminate voice,” and mocked him for “basically reading, like, an op-ed of what he was going to do.”

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