Drone flies over Popocatépetl crater |  Video

The Secretary of the Navy and the National Coordination of Civil Protection obtained this Wednesday images of the Popocatépetl volcano craterin order to know the dynamics and evolution of its activity.

From the municipality of Amecameca, State of Mexico, the authorities evaluated the current conditions of the volcano.

The images captured by the camera installed on a drone were disseminated on social networks. In them you can see the fumarole coming out from inside the volcano.

According to a federal Civil Protection statement, the traffic light remains yellow phase 3 of the Popocatépetl volcanic alert.

At the 3:00 p.m. cutoff, the volcano continued to present a tremor signal whose amplitude continues to decrease. In addition, no explosions have been recorded.

He indicated that a decrease in the amplitude of the seismic signal of the high-frequency tremor was recorded.

Also, from 3 in the afternoon of this Wednesday to the same time of this Thursday, through the Popocatépetl monitoring systems, detected 19 exhumations accompanied by water vapor, volcanic gases and ash. There were 1,089 minutes of high-frequency tremors, of low to moderate amplitude, associated with the continuous emission of gas, steam, and ash.

They get reported no ash fall the states of Morelos, State of Mexico, Tlaxcala and Mexico City.

State and municipal authorities continued their supervision tasks in evacuation routes and temporary sheltersThey also provide information directly to the population of the communities closest to the volcano.


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