Victims of church abuse travel 700 kilometers by bike demanding action Pope

He Pope Francisco He did not receive anyone in audience this Friday because he had a fever, the Vatican said.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni did not provide further details about the health of the 86-year-old Roman Catholic leader.

“Due to a feverPope Francis did not receive [a nadie] in audience this morning,” Bruni said in response to a reporter’s question as to why no one was on their daily schedule earlier that day.

According to Italian media, the Pope seemed to be tired at a meeting with students near the Vatican on Thursday afternoon.

Francis spent five days in a hospital in Rome at the end of March due to bronchitiss, but he made a rapid recovery after antibiotic treatment and returned to duty. In April she traveled to Hungary.

To Francis, who became Pope 10 years ago, He is missing part of a lung. It was taken from him when he was young in his native Argentina.

None of the events scheduled by the Pope for the weekend have been canceled and he must preside over a Pentecost mass on Sunday in Saint Peter’s Square.

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