EU: Police shoot a child who asked for help for domestic violence

An 11-year-old Mississippi boy was shot by a police officer after dialing 911 for a domestic disturbance.

Aderrien Murry dialed the emergency number after her mother’s ex-boyfriend arrived at her house at 4 in the morning last Saturday. Her mother, fearing for her safety, asked Murry to call the police.

The policeman came to his house and shot the boy in the chest. The reason why the Indianola Police Department officer, a small town in Mississippi, shot the innocent boy is not yet known.

the child asked “Why did you shoot me? What did I do wrong? I don’t want to die”according to his mother’s account.

The boy, only 11 years old, suffered a lung collapse, rib fracture and liver laceration, for which he was intubated and connected to a ventilator at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The victim’s mother told CNN that his son was about to die.

Aderrien Murry was released from the hospital yesterday and is recovering with his family.

“Aderrien almost lost his life… It’s not right for a cop to do this and get away with it. The mother asked Aderrien to call the police. He left his room following the instructions of the police and they shot him, ”said the family’s lawyer, Carlos Moore.

The lawyer added that the boy had nothing in his hands when the policeman shot him, so it could not have been a response to a threat.

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The Indianola Police Department confirmed that the officer involved in the shooting is named greg capers and there is an ongoing investigation to find out what led him to shoot.

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