Videos |  Civil Protection protects a black bear that was walking in the streets of Monterrey

a black bear was caught walking through the streets of Monterrey, Nuevo León, this Wednesday.

In social networks, the images were disseminated in which the black bear walking fast in the streets while lightly colliding with different vehicles around you.

Civil Protection of Monterrey announced that the animal was in the Buenos Aires neighborhood and was attended by Parks and Wildlife staff.

Meanwhile, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) also intervened in the work of protecting the black bear and collaborate to reinstate it in its habitat.

The black bears usually inhabit forests and are known to be excellent climbers of trees, although they can also be found in mountains and swamps.

Black bear is a protected and endangered species

Likewise, Civil Protection of Monterrey issued a series of recommendations to citizens to don’t attack the black bears It is a protected species and is in danger of extinction.

In addition, they urged people to move slowly away from them if they are found on the streets as well as avoid taking pictures and not giving them food.

It is common to see black bears descending on the urban areas of Nuevo León during the dry season due to the problems these animals face to get food.

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