With a lottery ticket they commemorate the 105th anniversary of the birth of Pita Amor

As part of the National Reading Strategythe Secretaries of Public Education and Culture, as well as the National Assistance Lottery, commemorated the 105th anniversary of the poet Guadalupe Teresa Amor Schmidtlein, pita lovein recognition of women in Mexican literature as a fundamental axis of national culture.

At the head of this tribute, the Secretary of Public Education, Leticia Ramirez Amaya, affirmed that ingenuity and daring were the flag of Pita Amor, something unusual for its time. “Pita lived as he wanted and wrote what he wanted. Step by step, word by word, broke the paradigms taxes and conquered in its own right a place of honor in national literature”.

He said that the talent of Pita Amor was nurtured by authors such as Santa Teresa de Jesús, Fray Luis de León, Francisco de Quevedo, Federico García Lorca and Juan José Arreola.

He highlighted its more than 30 titles, almost all poetry, where the writer spoke directly, without false modesty or feigned detours. She commented that, due to her literary acumen and extravagant personality, she counted among her followers artists like alfonso reyesMargarita Michelena, José Revueltas and Salvador Novo, who came to compare her with Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz.

He recalled that the beauty of Pita Amor was captured by artists such as Diego Rivera and Raúl Anguiano. In addition, she set precedents for the emancipation of women by joining figures such as Nellie CampobelloFrida Kahlo, Tina ModottiAntonieta Rivas Mercado, Elena Poniatowska and many others.

“Poetry is necessary in education. It is necessary that we have poetry, daily, in all schools, in all classrooms in the country to develop the human potential of girls, boys, adolescents and young people”, said the official.

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As part of the tribute to the Mexican writer, the head of the SEP and the general director of Lotenal, Daisy Gonzalez Saravialed the unveiling of the commemorative bill for the 105th anniversary of the birth of Pita Amor.

The owner of Lotenal stressed that it is a pleasure to share a well-deserved tribute to Pita Amor, whose 105th anniversary is commemorated with the ticket of the Special Zodiac Draw No. 1615.

He stressed that, in addition to generating resources for social benefit, the National Lottery has acquired a cultural character with the great heritage it protects, in addition to recognizing prominent figures such as Pita Amor on lottery tickets, which will be disseminated throughout the country with the emission of two million 400 thousand little pieces.

The researcher and biographer Michael Karl Schuessler, who has published books about the writer, offered the keynote address “Guadalupe Amor: eleventh muse”. She commented that the Pita Amor recitals were the first performance that were held in Mexico City.

He said that, as a literature student, he was drawn to Pita Amor because he was an artistic genius, enigmatic, withdrawn, compulsive and sometimes offensive. He celebrated that the life and work of Guadalupe Amor has been reborn and stressed that today there is a fascination for her among young people, and highlighted that the Government of Mexico has decided to recognize Pita Amor with a lottery ticket. “I’m going to buy a lot of tickets and I hope to win the biggest prize.”

The writer Beatrice Mirror He recalled that his first writing exercises date back to elementary school with the writing of a story and it was also when he discovered his vocation for writing. To this was added his first meeting with Pita Amor, from whom he read some texts from the collection of poems I am my house.

The dramatist Miguel Sabido congratulated the SEP and Culture for including Pita Amor in promoting reading, because it should be given above all to young people, who live intensely.

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He affirmed that Pita Amor also lived with that intensity, and his presentations were unique acts through which he connected with the public. Miguel Sabido read a sonnet by the writer.

Guadalupe Teresa Amor Schmidtlein, Pita Amor (1918-2000). Writer, poet and speaker, she was born on May 30, 1918 in Mexico City; she passed away on May 8, 2000; she was one of the most outstanding authors within the Mexican lyric of the 20th century. Among her works are: I am my house (1946), stubborn door (1947), circle of distress (1948), Dust (1949), tenths to God (1953), Serving God, as a bonfire (1958), All the centuries of the world (1959) and I am pain of the universe (1984).


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