With his new book Hernán Lavín Cerda seeks to break the solemnity

the chilean writer Hernan Lavin Cerda He has a new book and it’s called In the background the sea continues to beat. During the presentation of the work, held in the Adamo Boari Room of the Palacio de Bellas Artes, the writer acknowledged that he seeks to take away the solemnity of poetry and bring it closer to people.

Accompanied by the poet and teacher Melissa Del Marthe teacher moises villasenor and the poet and editor javier moro —who moderated the table—, Lavín recalled the years in which he was a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and pointed out that this collection of poems invites the reader to avgo back to childhood no longer lose the capacity for wonder.

Poetry is finally how we go back to our childhood, teaches us to maintain our capacity for wonder; poetry invites us to be amazed at everything and nothing. Poetry is to recover that boy and that girl, it encourages us to maintain our creativity and not have complexes of any kind, ”she explained and, later, she read some poems included in this work.

“Poetry has the marvel that it can leave questions floating, more than affirmations,” he added.

During his speech, Moisés Villaseñor recounted that he learned about Hernán Lavín’s texts when he was 14 years old, in a public library in Atizapán de Zaragoza, in the State of Mexico, when he was new theory of evolution (1985) the book that moved him ever since and that, to a great extent, was an influence in deciding on poetry and literature as a profession.

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“I studied literature and I realized that those poems that marked me were written by a poet who taught at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at UNAM and then I was able to enroll in two subjects with that professor. Lavín opened the door for me to what was to be my profession. I didn’t know what he was going to do until I read those verses, ”he acknowledged.

In addition, he assured that one of the characteristics that he shares with Lavín in his way of writing is that his professor’s is a literature that generates more doubts than certainties, as well as ambiguities, questions and uncertainties. He also highlighted the humor with which Hernán creates his poetry and that he always encouraged his students to play and have fun with language.

For her part, Melissa del Mar added that the participants of the table share poetry, but also teaching as one of their passions and considered that all literature classes should be taught with this feeling towards the pens or towards the authors or authors.

“When I teach, I am alone, but I also have the professors and professors who trained me with me, because I want to replicate the knowledge they shared with me in my practice as a teacher. My teachers are with me, but also the teachers who preceded them, ”she said.

Poetry is a double bridgebecause it allows us to play a little with what we understand as time and space and, furthermore, it brings us together in a reality and in a present”, he concluded.

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Hernán Lavín was born in Santiago de Chile on October 7, 1939. Poet and narrator, he has lived in Mexico since 1974. He studied Philosophy and Education at the University of Chile. He has been a professor of the career in the FFyL; director of the INBAL Poetry Workshop; member of the Chilean Academy of Language (1992) and collaborator of Casa del Tiempo, Dialogues, Free Letters, Fine Arts Magazine, Mexican Culture Magazine, University of Mexico Magazine, Always!, Critical Text, Unomásuno and Lap. He received the Vicente Huidobro Award 1970 by The Widow’s CrunchySantiago de Chile.


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