'By H or by B'

‘Por H o ​​por B’ returns to our screens, and it does so on a different streaming service than the one that launched its first season back in 2020. The new chapters, released on Friday, May 26, now go to SkyShowtime, platform that saved the series from burning after HBO Max removed it from its catalog along with other titles. But even if the story had a happy ending, uncertainty gripped the crew of this comedy created by Manuela Burló Moreno and starring Marta Martín and Saida Benzal.

We have talked about this with its two protagonists, who have revealed how they lived from the shooting set this situation that they did not know how to digest. And it is that the news of the deletion of ‘Por H o ​​por B’ from HBO caught them in the middle of the recordings of the second season. “We were almost finishing, and well, you don’t expect it and it upsets you because you don’t know what is going to happen. And I understood all this because the mess that there is now with the platforms, with the CEOs or with the majors in the background is like in all big companies”explained Saida Benzal, who plays the character Belén.

Despite the fact that HBO had paralyzed productions, the instructions they were given was to go ahead with filming, which in the midst of the uncertainty gave them some peace of mind. Even so, They didn’t know what was going to happen with ‘Por H o ​​por B’ until a month after finishing the recordings.

“Above all it was the news that came from the United States. Here we were waiting for an answer, but nobody in the United States knew anything either. So, well, It’s uncertain and a bit daunting, because you expect to do a job and everything will go more or less well.continued Benzal. “We have spent a few months of uncertainty, but in truth it has not been so much, because the entire series was delivered on December 28 and in January the news of SkyShowtime came out and of all these terminations and changes of rights”.

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But, beyond the fate of the series, both actresses They are concerned about the habituality that they have started the practice of removing content from platformsespecially at a time when the physical format is conspicuous by its absence.

“It gives a lot of vertigo, especially because since there is so much competition right now it leaves you a bit without knowing what is going to happen. In addition to the vertigo that things may disappear from one platform or another or from wherever, It leaves you thinking, ‘Okay, and if it disappears, how do I get my job? How do I get what I did in ten years if I don’t have it physically?’continued Marta Martin.

“It’s kind of discouraging that you don’t quite know what’s going to happen to your job, because If the work of an actor is not seen, it has no validity. So, I’m scared, yes of course”added his co-star. “There is nothing left to trust in life. Obviously this can happen, as it happens in any other field or job. And after all, if it happens to you, then you have to believe in hope again and that everything is repositioned In the end I think everything is always put back”.

The news of the second season

The broadcast platform is not the only change in this continuation of ‘Por H o ​​por B’. Marta Martín believes that, although the bizarre situations between her character and that of Saida Benzal continue, “new facets of them are discovered”. In addition, he feels that his evolution has occurred very naturally. And not only from the first season, but with respect to the short ‘Pipas’ that Manuela Burló Moreno shot in 2013 and which was the first appearance of Hache and Belén.

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It feels like the evolution of anyone in ten years. In all that time a person grows, changes, evolves, has other tastes, passes from an urban tribe…”, details the actress. For her part, Benzal also relies on the natural growth of the character, pointing out that she has lived it in her flesh by never having completely detached from her role.

'By H or by B'

“Since you take a character and you know that you are going to continue interpreting it, I think it never leaves completely, From this I go down the street and I have the thought of Belén and I think, ‘Look, Belén would do this’. you live in a parallel universejoke. “It is clear that from ‘Pipas’ to the first season it is a very different process because you don’t know that you are going to interpret the character again, but from a first to a second it is already different”.

And continuing with the thread of naturalness, both actresses allude to this feature to explain how with a strong comic aspect of ‘Por H o ​​por B’ they also manage to allude to drama. “I believe that it is achieved by resorting to day-to-day situations. Even if you have a comedy situation, believe it or not it is always going to have some drama. So when I start writing the script, the best thing for me is to feel like myself.”.

“It is one thing that Manuela has done very well, because it is a comedy but it is pure drama. And you see that things do not stop happening to us. And to work on that you have to make the most absolute truth of each sentence that she writes, for how well the situations are written, how well it immerses us and how well the dialogues are written”stressed Saida Benzal, who added that Manuela Burló Moreno’s care for these details meant that they did not have not a slight margin of improvisation on set.

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The second season of ‘Por H o ​​por B’ is now available on SkyShowtime.


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