AMLO disapproves of the reservation of videos of fire in Juarez

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He disapproved that the videos of the fire in an immigration detention center in the state have been classified as reserved for 5 years. National Institute of Migration (INM) occurred in Juarez Citywhich claimed the lives of 40 migrants.

“I am not in favor of hiding the information, I don’t know why they did it,” he declared this Monday during his morning press conference at the National Palace.

“You don’t have to give a reason, why hide things, the one who owes nothing fears nothing,” he added.

Given this, he explained that he will ask for a report to explain why it was decided to classify the video.

This Monday, the newspaper El Universal reported that, “under the argument that poor dissemination would put its staff and the migrants involved at risk,” the National Institute of Migration classified the videos of the fire from two months ago as reserved for five years. at the Ciudad Juárez station, Chihuahua, where 40 people died.

The videos will be declassified until 2028, according to the newspaper.

With information in progress…

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