Russian lawmakers seek to ban sex change operations

Russian deputies from all five parties with parliamentary representation Today they sent to the Duma or Chamber of Deputies a bill that prohibits sex change surgeries.

If the law is approved, in Russia doctors will be prohibited from “performing interventions aimed at changing the sex” of a citizen of this country, according to the Interfax agency.

The The only exception will be operations to correct “anomalies in the formation of the sex of children” and only after receiving the approval of medical commissions of health institutions at the federal level.

The vice-president of the Duma, Piotr Tolstoy, a well-known promoter of initiatives in defense of traditional morality, stressed that the The project has the support of almost 400 parliamentarians out of the total of 450 of the lower house of Parliament.

the law too proposes to ban sex change on identity documents and other official certificates without surgical operation.

A few weeks ago, the Minister of Justice, Konstantíni Chuichenko, announced that the authorities wanted to “legally exclude the possibility of changing the sex in the passport and other documents.”


He recognized that sex change has been permitted by law in this country since 1997, although the person concerned is not required to undergo an operation to be able to introduce this change in his identity document.

Between 2018 and last year, more than 2,700 Russians changed their sex on their documents, leading to almost 200 marriages.

For this reason, the minister argues, a person who changed their sex on paper, although physically they remain the same, can marry and adopt children.

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The 2020 constitutional reform introduced into the Magna Carta the concept that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

“Homosexual marriages do not produce children,” said the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, who used to preach against “genderless and sterile” liberalism on one occasion.

In this regard, the head of the Family Committee of the Duma or Chamber of Deputies, Nina Ostánina, assured that some young Russians had changed their sex in their documents so as not to have to be mobilized into the army.

“Unfortunately, the sex change dynamic is negative. Our youth, who are not ready for real life, from the beginning of the special military operation not only fled abroad, but ran to change their sex in order to avoid the threat of mobilization. This is the youth that we have prepared, this is the values ​​that the West imposed on us, ”he said.

Putin, a confessed believer who has introduced all kinds of measures and incentives since the year 2000 to counteract the aging of the population, assured at the time that as long as he is president in Russia there will be no gay marriage.

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